Banned Ishtar Cardigan

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This gorgeous cardigan celebrates an ancient goddess of fertility and war, so make your boundaries clear in this beautiful piece.  The solid black cardigan is embroidered on the  sleeves with deadly roses, and the chest embroidery features a delicately skeletal hand holding a rose, surrounded by stars and, of course, a sliver moon above it all.  The long-sleeved cardigan is ribbed at the waist, neckline, and cuffs, and it closes with bright red buttons down the front.
Fabric:  48% viscose, 28% elastane, 24% nylon knit

Size: S
Bust: 36-38"

Size: M
Bust: 38-40"

Size: L
Bust: 40-42"

Size: XL
Bust: 42-44"

Size: 2X
Bust: 44-46"

Size: 3X
Bust: 46-48"

Size: 4X
Bust: 48-50"