Soake Frilly Pagoda Umbrella in Sparkle Blue Dots

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The frilly pagoda umbrella from Soake has an elegant vintage look that's so fun to carry!  It is beautifully designed from waterproof polyester with light blue polka dots and tiny sparkles on a dark blue background.  It has a sumptuous layer of solid navy frills on the outer edge.  The open canopy is 37" in diameter, enough to keep you covered and always dry.  It has a hook handle and is opened manually.

Made with extra attention to detail, this umbrella is made with 16 (not the usual 8) steel (not fiberglass) ribs.  The shape of the canopy and the high number of ribs gives the framework added strength so that it rarely suffers from wind inversion. If you should ever experience wind inversion, simply hold the umbrella INTO the wind and tease the ribs back to their normal position.