TOBS Swamp Creature Tiki Mug Sweetheart Dress by Denialle Von Fitch

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Swim up from the depths of the lagoon in theo riginal Swamp Creature Tiki Mug sweetheart dress, featuring original art by Denialle Von Fitch! With Swamp Creature Tiki Mugs along the border and piranha adorning the bodice, this is the ultimate dress for any creature lover!

Cotton Sateen with adjustable straps and side zipper. Print placement may vary on this dress design.

Original art by Denialle Von Fitch
Size: S
Bust: 34-36"
Waist: 26-28"

Size XL:
Bust: 40-42"
Waist: 35-37"

Size 2X:
Bust: 42-44"
Waist: 38-40"

Size 3X:
Bust: 44-46"
Waist: 42-44"