Eva Rose

Eva Rose is known for their quality construction and timeless silhouettes in beautiful, eye-catching patterns. 


The ornament of an Ever Rose dress is decoration enough for every woman proclaiming a refined presence. True to the brand, timeless silhouettes of Ever Rose collections stand still in time with the feminine confidence that has no age. Made in enduring adoration of bouquets within textiles, dresses are embellished in florals and universal patterns invented in visual fragrance. Designed for transversal quality, the energy of the Ever Rose line carries an irresistible yet understated image intelligently poised for the cultured woman who wears it — almost anywhere.

Originally influenced by a following of youthful girls inciting the flares of eccentric fashions, Ixia grew into a brand that expresses both practicality in design and vibrance in content lasting through the many seasons of feminine life.