Switchblade Stiletto

My name is Lisa Marie and I have been hustling clothes since I was in High School back in the early 90's.  I used to sew up clothes on my mother sewing machine and sell them to my friends.  Later I started showing my designs to the local shops in my town.  Before I was out of school I had some of my stuff in stores.  When I got out of High School I knew I needed some more education so I decided to get a job in the industry working with a few brands.  I never decided to go to school cause "well school isn't for everyone right."  As I worked with these brands I was learning at a much faster rate by being more hands on.  I was spreading fabric and cutting the patterns and it just came natural for me.  Eventually I ended up working as a Designer for Lucky 13 but it was always my dream to have my own line.  So I threw the dice and quite my job and started Switchblade Stiletto back in 2002, which the name was inspired by Debrah Harry first Band "The Stilettos."  I grew up in the Punk Rock Days and that was the inspiration for my earlier line but I have branched off and done so many styles.  I even designed a line for Green Day's Record Label ADELINE RECORDS.  My line is all made in the USA and I am proud of that.  I no longer mass produce my line and want to make you a more exclusive line so you can stand out in the crowd.  It's been a fun adventure I have travelled all over the world hustling clothing and I am so grateful for the life I made and the people who I have meet along the way.  Thank you for your support and taking the time to read my story.