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Sparkle Moore, a Rockabilly Icon

Posted by Liz T. on

Sparkle Moore was an influential pioneer of early rockabilly music, despite only being in the spotlight for a couple of years. Notably for the time, she wrote, played, and sang her own material. She was a multi-instrumental musician who got her start on a Hawaiian guitar as a child, later performing on cello, bassoon, string bass, and, of course, with her unique voice. With her lilting voice and swooping delivery, she rose to recognition after sending a home recording of an original piece to KOWH DJ Grahame Richards. He was very much impressed by her talents and put her in...

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Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The Legendary "Godmother" of Rock

Posted by Feliz Weinberg on

  Sister Rosetta Tharpe is the epitome of amazing grace—ah, yes, how sweet the sound! This astounding woman, often referred to as the Godmother of rock-and-roll, was profoundly influential in twentieth-century music. Only in the last few years has she received the attention and acknowledgment she deserved, nearly 50 years after her death. And still, many people have no idea who she was. Her musical background was born in the gospel music of the Black church of the south, and she was a featured performer in a traveling evangelical troupe by the time she was six years old. Born in...

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